About Our Eco-Friendly Packaging

Loving planet Earth is what outdoor adventures should be all about. And so it's always struck me as a troubling example of cognitive dissonance that most outdoors food comes wrapped in single use plastic.

My aim with all of my Eat Sleep Wild vegan backpacking meals is to provide food that's good to eat and also good for the planet. Compostable packaging is one part of the picture. 

All of my trail meals are packed in biodegradable stand up zip pouches supplied by UK-based Jamo Solutions. The packages are made from Kraft paper, cellulose film, and starch film to create a high performance yet sustainable food pouch. All of the food pouches are tested and certified as fully compostable and take about 10 weeks to break down (including the ziplock). You can compost them at home or in "compostable food waste" refuse containers from your council. 

Because of their biodegradable nature, it's important that the pouches do not get wet, otherwise they may start breaking down in your pack! I recommend storing them in a dry bag compression sack.  

If you have any questions about packaging or anything else, feel free to contact me by filling out the form below...